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           "A highway shall be there and it shall be called the Holy Way" Isaiah  35:8

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Jalan Suci -The Holy Way

    JalanSuci (The Holy Way):

The Holy Way Evangelical Church (Gereja Pekabarn Injil “Jalan Suci”), is now a large church organization that has been recognised by the Indonesian Government.

The Rev Edwin Stube and others conducted some Indonesian campaigns in 1963, and these led to a desire to establish a lasting work. A support group for The Holy Way was established in 1964, but the main history of The Holy Way in Indonesia began in February 1965, when the Rev. Edwin Stube and family arrived in Semarang (Central Java). He believed that the Lord wanted to reveal new things about evangelism, worship, training, and ministry, and tried to get others interested. In June of 1966 the Stube family all moved to Nongkodjadjar, a small village in the mountains of East Java. Here the Holy Spirit was gloriously poured out, and God did a sovereign work in the hearts of a number of young people.

Almost immediately these young people were sent out to to share what they had received. They went to the Celebes and encountered all sorts of experiences. The boys had come to feel a tremendous need to dig deeply into the Bible to find answers to their questions and direction for the future. God seems to feel that His Word has to be put into practice.

The vision of a training center was confirmed many times, once in 1968, through a vision that Rochani received, and by people who had no idea of the plans and thoughts that were in our minds. The first Bible Training Centre was established in Lawang, East Java, Indonesia, was opened in 1971. It was a radical, non-formal approach to training young people for ministry in the present age. The program provided new students with grounding in the fundamentals of the Bible, experience of evangelism; and also the reality of life and ministry in the Body of Christ.

In 1976, the Stubes left the “The Holy Way” in the hands of the young Indonesian people they had trained. Over these decades, Apostolic ministry teams have been sent to many parts of Indonesia and beyond.  Many Training Centres and Worship Centres have been established. God is faithful, and the revealing work of prayer.

Feeling Adventurous? If would like to visit The Holy Way in Indonesia, don't be afraid! There are visitors from Australia and the U.S. every year.

Jalan Suci Papua -The Holy Way

    JalanSuciPapua (The Holy Way):

The Holy Way Evangelical Church (Gereja Pekabarn Injil “Jalan Suci”), is now a large church organization that has been recognised by the Indonesian Government.

In 1972 the first team travelled through West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya) and established a centre in Abepura – Jayapura. A small number of people gathered, and after several months of Bible training and discipleship in this house, the first young native Papuan people went to many places, cities, and villages to bring the Good News. Those young native people were: Dolfinus Solossa, Andreas Athabu, Julianus Solossa, Vecky Tumbelaka, Tris Aronggear, Elvis Gunto, and Yan Agaki.

The second apostolic team visited Jayapura (the capital of West Papua province) in 1974, and went to several villages around the Sarmi district. The third apostolic team arrived in 1975. As result of these apostolic team ministries from Lawang, thousands have received the Lord Jesus as their personal savior and many have experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

This site is is in English and Bahasa (Indonesian).

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    The Holy Way ("...and it shall be called the Holy Way" Isaiah  35:8):

Over 40 years of Holy Way material, all in English. This material, as listed below is presented with the permission of The Holy Way, USA.

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